What ACT360 Is All About
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“to take action”

ACT360 is a management / marketing company set up by 3 friends: Amod, Cheteze, and Tenzing. The three of us come from various backgrounds but share an education – we studied together at Ace Institute of Management’s MBA (Master of Business Administration) program.

We chose the name “ACT360” because “act” means “to take action” which is in line with our philosophy of being proactive rather than reactive. The “360” refers to us offering a variety of services, which lets us offer a complete solution to your needs.

ACT is also the first letter of all 3 of our names, which is a happy coincidence :p

Do awesome things

At ACT360 we’re not worried about being the best, we want to do awesome things at work and in life.

We work hard at doing amazing things and if we become the best in the process then that’s a bonus!

Core Values

Our four core values are a small set of timeless guiding principles we live by.


Fun and innovative

We are fun because we are always innovating and improving our processes and leveraging technology. We believe that we are always more awesome tomorrow than we are today.


Family of superstars

We hire only the best and inspire ourselves to reach greater heights so that we can deliver awesome results to our clients.


Thirst for learning

We have embraced a culture of learning as a medium to become awesome and invest in our superstars to enable them to reach their highest potential.


Ensure customer success

Our first customers are our family of superstars. We believe that as our superstars achieve their dreams and become awesome individuals, they will deliver awesome results to our customers.

Our Team

Our team comprises of individuals from various backgrounds all working towards the same goal.

Amod Niroula
Managing Partner
Cheteze Tamang
Managing Director
Tenzing Samdup
Managing Partner
Suraj Tamang
Lead Graphic Designer
Bishrant Tandukar
Graphic Designer
Atul Pradhananga
Graphic Designer
Prajwol Shrestha
Lead Software Engineer
Santosh Shahi
Software Engineer
Samrachna Adhikari
Junior Front-End Developer
Prithivi Rai
Content Writer

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