4 Steps To Run A Successful Social Ad Campaign

Jun 24, 2016

In our last blog post, we said that one of the pulls for digital marketing is better targeted social advertisements. Since then, we have had a lot of customers ask us about how they too can run a successful social ad campaign.

When executed properly social ad campaigns can be very successful as they can help you connect and communicate your value to your target audience.

It is however imperative that you spend time planning your social ad campaigns to get the best of your campaign instead of rushing through blindly.

So how do you run a successful social ad campaign? Here’s the 4 steps we go through to make sure our clients’ campaigns are run strategically and successfully.

1. Find out the objective of the campaign

The first thing we do is ask our clients the objective of the social ad campaign. This could be getting more leads, getting more website traffic, get more page likes, etc.

This is important because it helps us better design ad creatives since an ad designed for one objective may not work well for another. Even if our clients ask us to develop one ad for multiple objectives, we advise them that it is better to develop separate ad creatives for each objective.

2. Research the target audience:

Determining a target audience is very important as it helps us create an ad campaign specific to that audience. It even helps us determine the social media platform to run the campaign on.

One way of finding out about your target audience is to use tools like Google Analytics to see which social media platform is driving more traffic to your site. In Nepal, this is often Facebook, but we have seen some instances where most of the traffic was coming from Twitter.

3. Test Your Ad Creatives

The way we go about creating test ads for a social ad campaign is by looking at organic posts (unpaid posts) and gain insights into what kind of posts and photos are performing better.

Based on the objective of the social ad campaign and the target audience, we usually create at least two versions of the ad creatives which we then split test.

4. Measure Campaign Performance

The last and equally important step in running a successful social ad campaign is to measure your campaign performance.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have their own built-in tools to track campaign performance. At ACT360, we use these and other tools to track the performance of our clients’ campaigns.

In some cases we may use a combination of these tools if necessary, e.g. for web traffic ads we may use the social media platform’s reporting tools and Google Analytics.

You can also use special techniques like tracking URLs to get more information from your campaign.

What else can I do to run a successful social ad campaign?

Run the campaign!

At the end of the day you still have to run your campaign to actually know what works and doesn’t work. The only thing you can do is spend enough time planning the campaign so that you don’t make any mistakes and do everything you can to make it a successful ad campaign.

If you need help creating a successful social ad campaign, you can always speak to us or call us on 9801136042.