The ACT360 Experience: Bishrant Tandukar, Designer

Apr 6, 2017

ACT360 is a digital marketing agency whose core purpose is to do awesome things.

We’re not worried about being the best, we just want to do our best in everything we do. And to do that, we believe our team member’s happiness comes first.

Bishrant Tandukar is one such member of our family of superstars.

How did you find out about ACT360?

I learned about ACT360 when I saw the vacancy for a Graphic Designer.

Why did you want to work here?

I wanted to work in an office where I could create designs in various styles and not just stick to one company’s design. I felt that ACT360 (being a digital marketing agency) would allow me to work on different projects as well as help hone my designing skills.

What was your first impression of ACT360?

At first, it seemed like a small and strict office but after the first week I started to understand the nature of the office and realized that people here were fun and professional at the same time.

How do you feel about working here?

I have fun while working at ACT360. The daily huddle and weekly meetings were completely new to me but it was a friendly addition to my everyday life.

I also like that we share good news in the daily huddle because it brightens up my day everyday. But what impressed me the most was that one day per week, mostly Sundays, was reserved for personal learning and building team relationships.

On Sundays we also have weekly meetings known as WAR (Weekly Action Review) and presentations done by at least two members of the team.

When I gave my first presentation, I was so nervous. The judges for that day were Tenzing and Cheteze who gave me positive feedback on my slides but said that I needed to work on my public speaking skills. I have come a long way since then. *smiles*

What have you learned from ACT360?

I learned a lot from this company, not only about designing, but also about SEO and UI/UX for websites. The Sunday presentations have also allowed me to learn new things and helped me build my public speaking abilities.

I think working at ACT360 was the best decision I ever made. The people here are very friendly and the environment is geared towards learning new things.

I see myself working here for a long time and becoming a better designer for myself and the company.