Content Marketing Strategy: Quality or Quantity?

Sep 18, 2016

A common Content Marketing Strategy upheld and advocated by many digital marketers and content writers is that creating quality content takes you a lot further than just creating lots of content of questionable quality. But is quality content still better? Is it better to focus on volume instead?

In 2013 Digiday, a media publication and events company claimed that “Winning in digital media now boils down to a simple equation: figure out a way to produce the most content at as low a cost as possible.”

We might have scoffed at Digiday then but a recent study from Buzzsumo may have just proved Digiday right.

1,200 posts a day

Take the case of the Washington Post – after Jeff Bezos (of Amazon) took over the news company they now produce 1,200 posts in a day. In a single day.

Let that sink in.

This new Content Marketing Strategy works and has seen their traffic grow beyond the other news giant, New York Times.

How much content is the world producing?

  • The number of pages Google has indexed from 2008 to 2014 has increased from 1 trillion to 30 trillion.
  • WordPress data shows that nearly 70 million posts were published using the WordPress platform (or any sites using their Jetpack plugin) in July 2016.

That’s a lotta content!

Why is the number of content created increasing?

There are many reasons behind the reason why so much content is being produced today and Buzzsumo suggests the following may be responsible:

  • The increasing number of Internet users
  • The decrease in the cost of content production and distribution
  • High volume strategies used by companies such as Buzzfeed

In today’s world anyone can create content just using their smartphones.

What does this mean for your company?

  • Do NOT start posting 100 posts a day.
  • Do NOT hire a monkey to bang away at a keyboard for you.
  • Do NOT rip off content from other sites.

This new idea of high volume content should not drastically affect your Content Marketing Strategy. Keep in mind that you first need to establish yourself in your own industry otherwise there will be no one to read your content.

Only once you’ve accomplished this then it makes sense to start creating more content.¬†Even better if you’re the first in your industry to move towards this Content Marketing Strategy!

Challenging you to do better

In a way this news is better for you since it challenges you to be more efficient to produce content faster.

We also believe that it also challenges us to try different types of content such as videos, podcasts, infographics, and everything else we haven’t tried yet.

This shift in content marketing also challenges us to make our content distribution network even stronger to be able to compete with everyone else’s content.

Help, I don’t have a content marketing strategy!

If this article has you confused and wondering what your content marketing strategy is, leave a comment below and we’ll try to help. You can also speak to us or call us on 9801136042 if you’d prefer to talk directly.